Hypnotic language and how to improve your communication

Over a third of people (33%) say communication has become more of a challenge in the past 12 months. But a smaller number of people have thrived – around 18% say communication has actually become easier. 61% of people have started using new tools to help organize, communicate or manage projects in the last 12 months.

According To Jesse Lewis – Hypnotist it really comes down to how we use the tools at our disposal. We were never taught how to communicate our thoughts ideas and needs effectively in a way others understand. This causes miscommunication and in turn stress.

So how do you help your audience get rid of that stress? Teach them to communicate better.

There is a 3 step framework for better hypnotic communication at work and at home.

Learn the power of hypnotic words that make your communication much more effective.

1. Imagine, Remember, Just pretend, Find yourself, And Realize

All of these words create an automatic response in the subconscious mind. This bypasses what is known as the critical factor!

2. Sooner Or later, Because and up until now.

These words are used in speeches to change your mind towards another persons arguments and are used to create change in your mind.

Using these words you make your communication outcomes much better and in your favour. In fact many politicians sprinkle this type of language into their speeches to make them irresistible!

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